Tuition Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

As summer slowly comes to an end, many students will be heading off to their first semesters at college.  Even more will be moving on to their second, third, and beyond.  But are you certain you and your child are fully prepared for school and properly protected?

A recent news release by the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I), offers insurance tips and advice for students and parents with college-bound children. Importantly, the release identifies ways to insure your child’s property while away at school, as well as how to protect your investment in a college education through tuition insurance.

Despite the constant rising costs of college tuition, many parents and students are not aware of tuition insurance. Most tuition insurance programs refund a portion of tuition and insured fees when students are withdrawn for covered reasons- such as a medical reason. Although you hope you never have to use it, tuition insurance can bring students and families peace of mind about sending their children away to college.

At OneBeacon, we offer tuition insurance through A.W.G. Dewar, the originators of the Tuition Refund Plan (in 1930).  To find out more about how to protect your investment in college education, as well as your child’s PK-12 private education, visit Dewar’s website at

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