Back to school…

For the past eight years, the OneBeacon Charitable Trust has supported higher learning by awarding twenty $1,500 scholarships to our employees’ and distribution partners’ children. The scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, participation in extracurricular and community activities, work experience and more. The program is administered by Scholarship Management Services and funded by the OneBeacon Charitable Trust.

This year’s award winners are listed below.  A special congratulations to the Barber family, whose daughter Emily is their fourth child to receive a OneBeacon scholarship! Emily follows brothers Tim, Daniel and James who received scholarships in 2004, 2006 and 2008 respectively. Truly a family affair!

We wish all the scholarship winners a terrific start to their college years.

Scholarship Recipient Company College Attending
Emily Barber OneBeacon LaSalle University
Adam Bernstein OneBeacon Univ of Michigan
Brendan Conley First Niagara Risk Mgt Syracuse University
Elise Curtis IMA Financial Brigham Young University
Kathryn Davis Fred C. Church Bates College
Elise Eagan OneBeacon Hamilton College
Tyler Eaton Continental Risk Insurance Univ of California, Davis
Nathan Finnegan Starkweather & Shepley Univ of Maryland
James Hardin Powell-Walton/                      J Smith Lanier Louisville
Kasey Higgins OneBeacon Univ of Massachusetts
Jessica Hunzelman Fred C. Church LaSierra University
Jade McCarl IMA Financial Colorado State
Benjamin Morgan OneBeacon Maine Maritime Academy
Tyler Richards OneBeacon Univ of Massachusetts
Cassidy Riekofski OneBeacon Clarkson
Katherine Rockwell Starkweather & Shepley Fairfield
Erica Schlect OneBeacon Christopher Newport
Jennifer Skells OneBeacon Univ of Maryland
Meghan Stapleton Hub International Univ of Massachusetts
Kelsey Sullivan OneBeacon Boston University

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