Social Media and Emerging Liability Risks; OneBeacon Insights

We think you’d agree that social media is no longer just a fun pastime for teenagers. Increasingly, we’re seeing the power these community-networking tools have to instantly publicize news, drive trends and even facilitate social movements—think “Occupy Anytown.” Can you believe that most of these sites didn’t exist just a few years ago? 

As social media becomes more accepted within our day-to-day business activities, it’s important to recognize the associated liability risks. As insurance experts, we believe in the importance of providing thought leadership and facilitating discussion on such emerging topics. 

To that end, we invite you to take advantage of two opportunities:

  1. Read Advisen’s whitepaper titled Social Media: Business Gold Mine or Liability Landmine that we recently sponsored.
  2. Register for the free Advisen webinar that will review the various sources of social media liability, identify future trends, and outline practical risk management and insurance solutions:  This hour-long webinar is scheduled for Monday,    November 7  at 11:00 a.m. ET, and is  sponsored by OneBeacon Professional Insurance.

 Let us know what you think of these resources!

Sharing Expertise Peer to Peer – Meet John Wurzler

At OneBeacon, expertise is the heart and soul of our company, something we try and put to work across all facets of our business. We also believe in continually building our expertise through industry engagement, often by facilitating discussions or seminars to share—and gain—insights.

Meet John Wurzler. John leads our Technology business, a segment he’s been underwriting for 15+ years. That experience means that John’s often called upon to speak at industry events, an opportunity he enjoys. Most recently, John spent a day at PLUS Southwest’s (Professional Liability Underwriters Society) one-day conference titled “Insuring the Information Age.” John was one of several panelists sharing insights on the continually evolving challenges of protecting the tech segment. Think data breaches, network security and cyber liability, to name a few. John’s insights offered potential solutions to help prevent, manage and control such matters.

According to John, it all boils down to people—every problem is still rooted in human behavior. So by educating employees about the limits of technology and why data must be respected, you initiate a risk management strategy. And that’s always music to an underwriter’s ears!

OneBeacon Professional Insurance Featured by Business Insurance

At OneBeacon, our specialists provide insights in many ways, including occasional whitepapers. Recently John Chace, SVP and Chief Underwriting Officer at OneBeacon Professional Insurance authored a whitepaper that was featured by Business Insurance. The piece—of which  15,000 were included as inserts in a September issue of Business Insurance as well as posted on the publication’s website– looks at the variety of reasons why companies go out of business, ranging from mismanagement and poor decision-making to outright fraud and criminal activity.
Check out John’s whitepaper titled “Impairment, Insolvency and Underwriting in Difficult Times.”