Are you an Industrial Control Systems Business? Need tips to minimize your loss exposures?

A growing technology segment is the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) industry. ICS collect data from various sensors on a factory floor or from operations in remote locations, and forward this information to a centralized computer system for processing. In turn, the ICS then sends a response to manage the various controller devices in the field or factory floor. However, with this growth comes greater vulnerability to cyber attacks due to increased reliance on open/internet and wireless-based networks. While such networks facilitate easier communications and installations they also expose the system to cyber attacks.

OneBeacon Technology Insurance has recently published a whitepaper describing such loss scenarios and providing guidelines for consideration when establishing an ICS security program. Authored by our Technology Risk Control Specialists Richard Triplett and Tushar Nandwana, you will learn about compliance standards and be pointed to a number of additional helpful resources.

As with all businesses, a proactive risk management approach will help mitigate risk. We hope you find this whitepaper helpful; please let us know what you think!

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