Target Markets Is Boston Bound

From April 30 through May 2, the Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) will be in Boston for its spring midyear meeting. This association is dedicated to the unique challenges faced by professional program administrators. Twice a year, they host this event to gather with carriers, vendors, and others dedicated to program business. Our new OneBeacon Program Group is attending, so be sure to look for Dan Beaudette and the team while you are there! Visit for insights on our Program capabilities.

Are You “In the Know” on Playground Safety?

Spring is officially here! Cold winter weather is finally fading and warm weather is approaching – which means it’s time for some “Spring Cleaning.”  And with more and more people heading outside to enjoy nicer weather, parks and playgrounds will soon be filled with children, and their safety is extremely important.

Is your community playground a safe play-haven? Read OneBeacon Government Risks’ latest “In The Know” newsletter to find out! Their feature article on playground safety offers great tips and suggestions for keeping playground equipment risks in check.

Data Breach Webinar Replay

Recently, OneBeacon Professional Insurance (OBPI) sponsored a webinar on data breach risk management, produced by Business Insurance Magazine. OBPI’s Dave Molitano, VP of Content, Technology, and Services, was a featured panelist. Joining Dave were Richard Blumberg, Director of Data Breach Response at Equifax Consumer Services, and Eduard Goodman, Chief Privacy Officer, Identity Theft 911. The discussion was facilitated by Business Insurance Managing Editor Matt Scroggins. To listen to a replay of the webinar, click here: .