The Internet of Things

We’ve all become accustomed to the term smartphone – and most of us can’t live without them. But how about smart houses or workplaces?  Today’s technology lets us program devices to put other devices to work for us. Think of intelligent thermostats, sensors that track and control lighting or the best time to dispense medication. Establishing networks to manage operational matters large and small is fast proving popular and efficient. But as with anything new, this means uncharted risk and the need for tailored loss control and insurance coverages.

We’re pleased to announce the recent publication of our whitepaper “The Internet of Things; Connect the Unconnected1” authored by OneBeacon Technology Risk Control Specialist Jack Fletcher. Besides offering his insights on machine to machine communications and the risk management implications, Jack is available to consult on Technology risk matters overall. He is located on the west coast and reachable at or 510.853.0940.

We hope you find this whitepaper of value; feel free to pass it along to your colleagues and clients. We also invite you to visit to download one of the 20 technology-specific whitepapers in our ever-expanding library.


  1. “Connect the Unconnected” term developed by Cisco

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