3D Printing – Global Economy Disruptor?

3D printing burst on the scene in recent years, representing a paradigm shift for the production of hard goods. Although the technology dates back to the 1980s, greater commercial availability of 3D printers has increased usage. Its applications are both amazing and practical, from customized prosthesis to just-in-time production. However, as an electronic procedure, security concerns exist, not to mention the physical exposures faced by printer operators. But what exactly is 3D printing? And what are the associated benefits that are driving ever-growing interest, as well as creating new risks?

To gain an understanding of 3D printing and related exposures, we are pleased to provide you with our latest whitepaper titled “3D Printing – Global Economy Disruptor” authored by Steve Morkovsky, OneBeacon Technology Risk Control Specialist. Steve is also available for consultation on this topic and may be reached at smorkovsky@onebeacontech.com.

We also invite you to access our library of technology whitepapers available on our website: www.onebeacontech.com.

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