How our teams are staying connected

It’s week five of working from home, and teams across the organization are continuing to get creative with ways to staying connected. Whether it’s setting up weekly video calls or playing guessing games via email, it’s encouraging and fun to see colleagues stay in touch with one another. Here are just some examples we’ve seen so far!

At the beginning of each month, the one of our teams meets outside of the office for a rejuvenation walk. To keep the tradition going, they went on their own walks around their neighborhoods along with their at-home colleagues. Check out the photos below from their strolls with their home team.

Various photo sharing activities are among some of the more popular ways teams are staying connected. Our Financial Services team played “Whose Workstation is This?” where the team had to guess whose home work area it is. Now, they’ve moved on to “Whose Artwork is This?” and have asked members of the team to submit photos of a piece of artwork of any medium in their homes. Once the correct person is selected, they then give a background story of that piece.

Many of our offices have also hosted virtual happy hours and mid-day check-ins. Our Boston office every other week gets together for “media club” where office members meet to discuss recent shows they’ve watched, books they’ve read, etc.

It’s great to see teams collaborating in such creative ways. Virtual connections are the new normal, and we look forward to seeing more of these interactions.

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