New Whitepaper from OneBeacon Technology: Personalized Medicine

OneBeacon Technology has just published a new whitepaper. Authored by risk control specialist Elizabeth Marazzo, “Personalized Medicine: A Healthcare Revolution”  discusses  technology that identifies individual patient biological markers, how personalized medicine protocols are subsequently developed and tailored, and the ethical, legal and social implications of this approach. Emerging healthcare provider challenges and risks are also presented.

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OneBeacon’s Lauer and Keenan Discuss the Clinical Trials Marketplace

Recently, OneBeacon Technology Insurance’s Todd Lauer and Jim Keenan were interviewed by Carrier Management regarding the state of the clinical trials insurance marketplace. The article discusses how this coverage is evolving due to changing regulatory issues, more sophisticated customer needs and exposures, and the growing international scope of clinical trials.

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New Life of the Clinical Trial product now available

We are pleased to announce a new “Life of the clinical trial” product that extends clinical trials coverage through our customized products-completed operations policy form for the duration of each protocol period. This innovative approach will enable clinical trial policyholders to seamlessly obtain coverage for the complete protocol period, instead of through sequential 12-month policies. Our tailored protection and services target clinical trials throughout North America, with the ability (or option) to offerworldwide coverage for suits and occurrences in the United States or Canada.

Coverages include:

  • Pure claims-made coverage
  • Products used in human clinical trials
  • Warranties or representations
  • Failure to provide directions, instructions or warnings
  • Products loaned or rented to others
  • Clear related claims language to ensure continuity of coverage

This product is exclusively available through our affiliation with R-T Specialty, LLC. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact your local RT Specialty life science broker or email RT Specialty at

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New Whitepaper: Molecular Detectives Lead to Personalized Medicine

The nostalgic feeling associated with doctors’ house calls reflects a classic one-to-one experience. However, today’s medical technology may have one-upped this approach through the emergence of “personalized medicine.” This new methodology relies on biomarkers to diagnose and establish treatment protocols based on each person’s unique characteristics. Furthermore, personalized medicine may transform the overall medical industry by enabling health-care providers to shift their emphasis from response to prevention.

Understanding the science behind personalized medicine is the subject of our most recent whitepaper titled “Biomarker. Molecular Detective: Personalized Medicine; the Next Generation of Diagnosis and Treatment” authored by OneBeacon Technology Risk Control Manager Mike Campbell. In this whitepaper, we explain biomarkers and how they can be used for detection and customized treatment, the FDA view, and the associated risks. You can also learn about our life sciences risk management capabilities on our website.

MedTech Risk Control Capabilities Video

We’re pleased to introduce you to Mike Campbell – Medical Technology Risk Control Manager – featured in our latest video. Listen to Mike describe his deep understanding of the science behind the technology. By applying his insights, he helps our technology underwriters to better understand the customer and thereby support their specialty insurance needs. Additionally, you’ll learn about our consultative style and vendor-based resources available for our medical technology insureds, risk managers and producer partners.

You can view our complete library of videos profiling the OneBeacon Technology leadership team here. And for further information about our medical technology capabilities, contact Lloyd Takata directly.

Medical Technology: a OneBeacon specialty

Medical Technology is one of the more dynamic businesses today. Whether it’s cutting-edge medical devices, software that can predict seizures or electronic pills delivering medication to targeted locations, the intersection of health care and technology is producing amazing advancements at both the hardware and software levels.

But with the thrill of such innovation come new risk exposures and coverage needs. At OneBeacon Technology Insurance, we’ve been particularly attentive to this segment and have expanded our appetite to be responsive to your needs. We invite you to view our newest video featuring our MedTech segment leader Todd Lauer to hear more about our capabilities and approach.

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Medical Device Regulation for Your Protection

How do you know if the medical device you may be using was manufactured according to established quality procedures? Who is watching out for the consumer to make sure such items are manufactured according to established quality standards? We may never think about these issues during a medical emergency or simply when receiving routine medical care, but extensive planning is required for the development and manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products to ensure our protection.

As you know, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for the regulation of drugs, medical devices, food, biologics and radiation-emitting devices, and has accountability for setting such standards and enforcing compliance. So if you are a medical device manufacturer, or represent such businesses for their risk management needs, we’ve authored a whitepaper on this topic. Titled “FDA – QSR; Regulation for your Medical Protection,.  It can be found on our dedicated Technology insurance website:

This paper was authored by OneBeacon Technology’s Risk Control Specialist Richard Triplett, who has over 30 years of loss control experience. His specialty insurance focus has included information technology and medical technology. He has been with OneBeacon for the past eight years and is yet another example of OneBeacon expertise.

Again, to download this whitepaper, click here. Let us know if you have any ideas for other technology risk management  whitepapers!