OneBeacon for One Fund

In response to the recent Boston Marathon bombings, Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick established The One Fund to collect donations for the families and businesses directly impacted by this tragedy. Their goal was simple – by very quickly creating this entity, the community could focus all contributions to a single organization. In fact, that’s why the name “The One Fund” was selected.

Like many groups in Greater Boston, the local OneBeacon teams decided to organize a fund raiser to support The One Fund. A raffle featuring over 20 themed baskets donated by various departments was held in our Canton, Mass. office on May 1st and raised close to $6,000. This generous contribution was augmented by donations from employees across the company and enhanced by a nice contribution from the OneBeacon Charitable Trust. Overall, the OneBeacon community was able to donate $35,000 to The One Fund.

To date, The One Fund has collected over $34 million, which is an incredible testament to the generosity of Greater Boston and beyond. We are proud to be among this group, coming together to support One Fund.